LaSalle County Farm Bureau Virtual Field Day

Due to complications from COVID-19, the LaSalle County Farm Bureau (CFB) chose to cancel the in-person portion of our 2020 Field Day. With the combination of uncertainties about social distancing regulations, challenges providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for attendees and other complications, we decided that cancelling the in-person event was the safest route to take. Although we were not able to host local elected officials at an educational field day, we have developed materials for a virtual field day!
In our first video, LaSalle CFB members and local farmers shared their experiences with various conservation practices they use to protect and preserve natural resources in LaSalle County. You will recognize several area farmers in this video, including Ken Beck, Dave Hall, Dave Myer, David Isermann, and Mike Stone.
Watch as LaSalle County Farmer, David Myer, shares how he uses conservation techniques to foster soil health on his farmland. 
Watch as LaSalle County Farmer, Ken Beck, talks about the importance of soil health on his farm. 
Watch as LaSalle County Farmer, Dave Hall, talks about his responsibility to protect the environment at his farm.
Watch as LaSalle County farmer, Dave Isermann, shares how he uses science to help nurture and preserve the soil on his farmland.
Watch as LaSalle County Farmer, Mike Stone, talks about the conservation practices used on his farm. 
Field Day Booklet