Our organization is built upon volunteers. The organization’s strength is based upon the willingness of volunteers to dedicate time and expertise in various committee areas. As the number of farmers decrease, it becomes even more imperative that everyone gets involved to maintain a quality of the program. You are needed for the future! Help by serving on one of Farm Bureau’s committees. Most of the committees meet 2-4 times a year. If you are interested in joining a committee please call our office so we can add you to the list!

Legislative Committee-involved with evaluating issues that affect farmers throughout legislature along with working and maintaining a productive relationship with State and National Elected Leaders.
Local Affairs Committee- involved with local issues that affect members in our county, i.e taxes, roads, zoning, and other issues that may become a local concern.
Marketing Committee- provide programs on a local level that will increase our member’s net income, offer educational and informational programs, and maintain good working relationships with affiliated companies and commodity groups.
Membership Committee - organizes programs and activities aimed at maintaining and increasing membership in LaSalle County.
Young Leaders Committee- provide opportunities for leadership development by enabling young people(ages 18-35) to participate in Farm Bureau programs so they are able to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the organization.
Prime Timers- provides programs/activities for members 55 years and over which are informational, health-related and social in nature and enhance the quality of life for older members.  
ViewPoint Committee- provides an opportunity for LaSalle County Farm Bureau members to offer input concerning policy development at the local, state, and national levels.
FBACT- is a program that helps you take back the influence in Washington, Springfield, and even your own backyard.

LCFB Past President, Monty Whipple, accepted that years award for all of the hard work the committees have done that year.