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For over 20 years, LaSalle County Farm Bureau has submitted a Crop Watchers Report to the Times in Ottawa. Due to limited space in the paper, LaSalle County Farm Bureau Crop Watchers Report will not always be featured in the paper weekly so we are going to feature our weekly reports on our website.


The report is from six LaSalle County Farm Bureau Farming members from different areas of LaSalle County. It includes planting, crop conditions, and weekly rainfall totals.  The report also includes the farm activities in their area of LaSalle County and other interesting information related to farming. It is surprising to see the differences in just LaSalle County!


We hope you enjoy reading the LaSalle County Farm Bureau Crop Watchers Report! 

Our Crop Watchers:

David Hall - Serena

David Myer - Marseilles

Bill Gray - Tonica/Lostant

Ken Bernard - Grand Ridge

Geoffrey Janssen - Rutland

Ken Beck - Mendota

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