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Agriculture in the Classroom is a free, educational program designed for 4th grade students in LaSalle County. If you are interested in having Ag in the Classroom at your school please contact our office at 815-433-0371.

LaSalle County Farm Bureau
Ag in the Classroom

Meet Our Ag in the Classroom Coordinator



Karol Vaughn was raised on a family farm in rural Mendota, where she still helps with the farming operations.  With 29 years of teaching experience, she will share her knowledge with student in all of LaSalle County.  She is currently visiting 4th grade students with the hope of expanding the program in the future. 


Lessons Taught in the Classroom

Ag at Home

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History of Ag in the Classroom
Ag in the classroom was created by the USDA in 1981 to improve Ag literacy. Every state coordinates the activities differently but the end result is the same; students and their families better understand where their food comes from. The Illinois Ag in the Classroom program has an active presence in 62% of all schools, thanks to county coordinators and volunteers at county Farm Bureau offices throughout the state.



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